20 January 2019

Load your Iptables Rules Automatically After Reboot as a Systemd Service

Iptables rules are not persistant. After reboot, tTo do this, you create a Systemd Unit that automatically loads the iptables filter rules. This way your own firewall rules are permanently applied without you having to worry about them every time.hey are flushed.

7 February 2018

phpMyAdmin - Installation of the Current Version for a Local Web Server

phpMyAdmin can be installed in Ubuntu, Linux Mint and KDE neon via the package manager. But if you want the latest release, you can download a tar.gz archive from the official website and install the most current phpMyAdmin.

22 January 2018

KDE neon - Customization and Installation of Useful Apps for a Daily System

KDE neon can be installed in a multi/dual boot environment. After installation of the OS you have to install further important apps to make it a productive system. E.g. a word or image processing program, a mail client or a calculator. KDE neon is a system with a small user basis.

14 July 2017

Linux Mint 18 KDE - First Things to do for Usability & Security - my Favorites

Here a few favourite settings for a newly installed Linux Mint 18 KDE. I divided the list in usability, security, and applications & adjustments. It makes no claim of being complete:).

24 May 2017

Custom CSS styles with CKEditor and Wysiwyg Module in Drupal 7

In Drupal 7 you can easily define custom CSS styles which you can choose within the editor. It is a small, useful feature that makes writing an article easy and saves a lot of time.

11 December 2016

Edit E-Mail header Information in KMail

Privacy is enhanced in KMail through overwriting of hostname and header fields like message-ID and user agent tag, especially when using aliases - small tutorial

21 November 2016

Images for Websites: Optimization, Creative Commons, Copyright & Meta Tags

Prepare photos for websites and blogs: editing with Gimp, embedding infos about copyright and Creative Commons in images, alt-tag and captions, metadata with ExifTool

25 March 2016

Setting up a Let's Encrypt certificate on a web hosting account at webgo

The web hosting provider webgo.de has set up an automatic installation of SSL certificates provided by Let's Encrypt within the web hosting space. There is no need to install any software. The SSL certificate is generated in the Webspace Admin with a few clicks.

6 March 2016

How to make a simple cat scratching post for corners with little space

The advantage of a self-build scratching post is that it can be fitted individually to the space requirements of the own apartment. Such a scratching post is cheaper. It is also very robust, because it is made from wood, different to the most ones you can buy.

16 February 2016

Installation of encrypted dual boot system with Linux Mint KDE and LMDE

This is an instruction for the installation, encryption, and the bootloader setup of two Linux systems, exemplary Linux Mint 17 KDE as the main system and LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) as a secondary system.