6 March 2016

How to make a simple cat scratching post for corners with little space

scratching postThe advantage of a self-build scratching post is that it can be fitted individually to the space requirements of the own apartment. Such a scratching post is cheaper. It is also very robust, because it is made from wood, different to the most ones you can buy. Scratching posts don't need much space, they fit even in tiny little spaces.

For the scratching post you need squared timber as high as the ceiling, wood glue, and sisal rope. To attach it to the wall brackets and a few screws. I put a wooden slat across the room under the ceiling, so that the cats can climb down on the other side.

The rough cut squared timber measures 7,8cm x 7,8cm (3" x 3"), and a length of 3 meter (10 ft) cost around 10€ in the hardware store. The sisal rope is more expensive, around 30-40€. For a length of 2,50m (8 ft) of winding rope I bought 100m (300 ft) sisal rope (with a thickness of 8mm (0,3")).

The edges of the wooden slat measure 3,8cm x 5,5cm (1,5" x 2"). Carpet scraps are glued on the upper side.


mark post for sawFirst mark the lines to saw. I made an octagon out of the squared timber, except of the last 20cm (8"), which I painted white later on.

Then saw the timber. Of course you can wrap the sisal rope around the squared timber without sawing. This is a matter of taste, or how much work you want to put into it.


attach sisal rope to scratching postThe lower end of the sisal rope is wrapped with tape and screwed to the wood. This will be the side which faces the wall:).


wind sisal rope around scratching postDuring wrapping the rope it is best to glue it on three sides. I wrapped one time around and then put the glue on the side of the rope. The rope should be tightly wrapped, but excessive pulling it is not necessary. The rope can be hammered down. Then it becomes very robust. Before wrapping I washed the rope and let it dry to eliminate the smell.


attach carpet on wooden stripTo the horizontal slat I glued carpet scraps and fixed them with hooks. I used the slat that the cats can climb around - on one side up, the other down again.


cats walkwayThe finished cat scratching post will be attached to the wall with brackets. It is enough to use one bracket for each end. Here there is a distance of 30cm (12") from the post to the door, and 4cm (1,5") from the post to the wall. Hence the cats can climb up on three sides. There is a shelf above, which functions as a storage. Part of the self is reserved for the cats to sit. Even though the wooden slat is very slim, it is a favorite place to hang out and observe.


scratching post upper half with storageThe cats love to climb 2 meters up in one drive, without being hampered by any barriers. Above they can sit, and walk across to the other side.

The cats were excited about the new scratching post. There is no skilled craftsmanship needed to build a scratching post, only patience with winding the rope. Plan a complete weekend to do this. The satisfaction of the animals will compensate for the working hours.

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