22 January 2018

KDE neon - Customization and Installation of Useful Apps for a Daily System

KDE neon can be installed in a multi/dual boot environment. After installation of the OS you have to install further important apps to make it a productive system. E.g. a word or image processing program, a mail client or a calculator. KDE neon is a system with a small user basis.

11 December 2016

Edit E-Mail header Information in KMail

Privacy is enhanced in KMail through overwriting of hostname and header fields like message-ID and user agent tag, especially when using aliases - small tutorial

16 February 2016

Installation of encrypted dual boot system with Linux Mint KDE and LMDE

This is an instruction for the installation, encryption, and the bootloader setup of two Linux systems, exemplary Linux Mint 17 KDE as the main system and LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) as a secondary system.

15 September 2015

Setting up a Posteo Email Address and Alias in KMail

KMail can be adjusted en détail. But for a basic set up of an email address only a few customizations are needed, and that is made simple and fast.

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